OMBI began his history in 1946 as manufacturer of automatic chain machines for jewelry.
At that time were few Companies in the World involved in this field, OMBI encouraged the growth of chains made by automatic machines developing new processes and technology.
Thanks to the continuous innovations and people skills OMBI distributed his machines all around the World becoming a famous brand.

In 2005 OMBI saw in the precious stones a new market opportunity and decided to develop innovative links for stones. As result today OMBI is the certain leader in this field covering a range of chains from 1 mm to 4 mm.
As remain the top class choice for sheared-clapsed chain making machines.

OMBI has never stopped investing in what it believes

  • All mechanical components of our jewelry making machines are build in house to guarantee the highest standard level.
  • Our production department includes high-tech CNC machines with full automatic process to ensure the parts accuracy.
  • All parts are controlled by advanced Zeiss 3D measurement systems.